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That warm, winter haven waiting for you at the back of the parking lot gets a little closer when it heats up with the touch of a button! Let Hotwired Car Audio be your source for luxury warmth at the end of that long, cold parking lot jaunt with superior remote starter systems from the industry's top manufacturers!

Every vehicle deserves an easier start!

Hotwired Car Audio has no discrimination when it comes to getting you the fast, easy vehicle access you want at cost-effective rates. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in equipping every vehicle type, model, and brand with a reliable remote starter!

Your remote starter services:

  • Smartphone security remote start

  • Keyless entry

  • All vehicle types

  • Different price ranges

  • Remote starter installation

  • Quality products

Want better security too?

As long as you've got the power for optimum vehicle access in the palm of your hand, how about improved security while you're at it?


Our custom security systems include high-tech camera equipment, reliable sensors, and comprehensive auto alarms that make sure you always know what's going on with your car.

Click in to a lifetime of easier vehicle access!

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