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Your new car audio isn't anything without a solid foundation — start by laying some bumping bass! You'll love what our high-quality selection of subwoofers does to create a sound experience as unique as your car itself. Lay the bass today by stopping by Northeast Arkansas' largest car audio facility for a FREE estimate!

Have a need for more BASS in your ride?

You came to the right place! We'll get your car thumping abd bumping with fast, efficient, and affordable service from our car audio experts!

Lay your bass with:

  • Custom subwoofer boxes

  • Dual sub box

  • Sealed sub boxes

  • Sub box with amp rack

  • Ported/vented sub boxes

You've got a sub...

Now you need a stereo system!


Create the perfect audio team for your vehicle by pairing your new subwoofer with one of our industry-leading stereo systems. You'll choose from products from the best manufacturers in the business!

That bass will bump for a lifetime with our warranty!

Subwoofer box